How A Poultry Farmer Markets and Sells His Eggs

This is an article on how a poultry farmer markets and sells his eggs without stress. My neighbour has a poultry farm where he raises birds with the sole aim of producing and selling the bird’s eggs.

I asked my neighbour who owns a poultry farm how he sells the eggs on his farm. Below are the two important things that helped him to have an edge over his competitors

Two Things That Helped A Poultry Farmer Market And Sale His Eggs


Availability is a key marketing strategy a poultry farmer uses to market his farm products (egg). The consistency of the supply of his eggs to the market (customers) made them choose him over others. Consistency builds trust and reliability. Customers rely on his eggs because he is always available to supply any time they request eggs.

When others are called to supply, they delay the supply but he is always available to supply. Because of his consistency and availability, he could win customers within a short time he started his poultry farm business.


Pricing is another marketing strategy the poultry farmer uses to have an edge over his competitors. This poultry farmer uses a competitive price to win customers. He offers deals and discounts to attract price-sensitive customers. Some customers will turn down your product even if the price difference is NGN 100.

Aside from setting a competitive price, there is a need to be transparent also in your price. Transparency in price will build trust between the customer and the business owner.

Using the above marketing strategies (availability and pricing), a poultry farmer will not only meet demand but also position his business for overall success and growth.  

Where To Sale Poultry Eggs (Market)

Below are the places a poultry farmer can sell his/her farm product. All he needs to do is to reach out to as many as he/she wants, propose product supply and seal a deal with them. 

  • Catering
  •  Hotels
  •  Restaurants
  •  Rich consumers
  •  Poor consumers
  •  Modern markets
  •  Local markets
  •  Event planners
  • ¬†Superstores
  •  Chain stores


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How A Poultry Farmer Markets and Sells His Eggs

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